All the extrusion solutions are designed and manufactured according to our fundamental guiding principles

  • customization of the extrusion line, starting from the design up to the manufacturing process of all the components in order to satisfy the unique customer needs. Working together with the customer and our industrial partner we tailor innovative custom-designed solutions to respond rapidly and effectively to the customer unique problems
  • optimization of all the extrusion system components to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption and scraps
  • boost of the equipment performance, of the line performance and of the process performance
  • upgrading and simplification of the extrusion line machines, improving at the same time the efficiency of the extrusion technology and guaranteeing long service life
  • electronic simplification, with simplified, intuitive and interactive solutions, to be easily used even by non-specialized operators

Our commitment to reliable and integrated solutions starts with the customer order and continues after the delivery to give the customer the best product support and service.


We supply complete extrusion system for building wire, energy cable, data cable lines and rubber profiles and tubes as well as extrusion line equipment.
The typical extrusion lines belonging to the following cables family are described in their main features. They represent examples of typical lines for different extrusion technology. Cerrini is able to design and supply any extrusion line tailored on the specific customer requirements.


  • Telephone and LAN insulation and jacketing cable lines – solid, foam skin, skin-foam-skin, physically foamed PE and fluorocarbon resins
  • Optical fiber lines – secondary coating, tight buffer lines; indoor premises, sheathing and SZ stranding lines
  • Coaxial cable insulation and jacketing lines – micro-coaxial, mini-coaxial cables, CATV and medium size cable, larger RF coaxial cable


  • Silicone cable lines - salt bath and IR vulcanization
  • Automotive cable lines - completely automatic color change system and flat cables lines
  • High speed building wire insulation lines
  • THHN and THWN cable lines
  • Liquid/dry silane crosslinking low voltage power cable lines
  • Liquid/dry silane crosslinking medium voltage power cable lines
  • HFFR and cross-linked HFFR insulation/sheathing lines
  • Power cable filling and jacketing lines
  • Sheathing and SZ stranding lines
  • Rubber catenary CV lines for low/medium voltage cables (63 kV)
  • XLPE catenary CV lines for low/medium voltage cables (63 kV)


Complete extrusion lines for sheathing of wire ropes.


Extrusion lines for rubber profiles and low and high pressure rubber hoses.