Cerrini experience and competencies in liquid silane technology are well acknowledged. Cerrini delivered many liquid silane lines around the world. Liquid silane technology can be considered the real core business of the company.
Low and medium voltage power cable can be processed efficiently with liquid silane technology. The grafting and the extrusion of PE compound occur in one single process, with a big reduction of raw material costs with respect to pre-grafted and dry-silane technology. The liquid silane process is particularly suitable for high productivity lines where the time for investment pay-back will be short.

Some typical building wire and power cable insulation and sheathing lines are presented. However fully customized insulation and jacketing lines can be designed to meet any customer requests. Moreover Cerrini designs and manufactures insulation/jacketing lines for THHN and THWN cables, both in tandem and co-extrusion configuration.