In the last few years the request of sheathing line for wire ropes has been growing considerably. This is mainly due to the effect of the new regulations which oblige the manufacturers to protect the ropes against corrosion and environmental damage.

Cerrini produces wire ropes sheathing line up to 250 mm of diameter.
Heavy duty caterpillars for the application of high tension and portal pay-offs and take-ups designed for large and heavy reels meet the requirements for such production. Protective filler, grease or wax can be applied before the sheathing operations. The extruder group and crosshead allows the extrusion of the main sheathing layer and the application of skin/stripe. The cooling trough length and temperature gradient is optimized for a prefect cooling of the larger wire ropes. A special cable trolley allows an easy handling of the heavy ropes in the cooling trough.

All the thermoplastics material can be processed on these lines efficiently, in particular HDPE, usual material for this application.

An user-friendly supervision system guarantees the line and product parameters control and in time adjustment.