Coaxial cables are used in the transmission of electronic signal. Desirable electrical properties for coaxial cable insulation include a low dielectric constant and a low dissipation factor. These properties can be further enhanced by foaming the insulation, allowing high quality transmission at high signal speed. Moreover foaming has the advantage of the miniaturization and light weight of the cable. Skin-foam-skin process is required with high degrees of foaming up to 82% reached through physical foaming of PE.

Low attenuation and structural return loss cable properties can be obtained only with extremely precise extrusion components, designed to eliminate tension during production and to achieve line speed stability without variations of extruder outputs.

All the extrusion lines are equipped with measuring devices to monitor capacity, eccentricity and diameter of the cable. Tight tolerances are applicable to diameter and eccentricity.
All the line and cable parameters are monitored real-time through the line supervision system.
Extrusion technology and line design is available for all the coaxial cables, from the smaller micro-and mini-coaxial, television cable CATV and medium/large size coaxial cable.
In addition sheathing lines for jacketing small and large coaxial cables are available and can be totally tailored on the specific customer needs. The coaxial cable sheathing lines process all the thermoplastic materials and HFFR compounds.

Cerrini has a well-documented experience in dealing with gas-injection foaming processes not only of the more common PE but also of the more recent fluoropolymers for special applications.