Key points of the high speed telephone and LAN insulation lines are the high productivity and strict tolerances on the final product required to achieve a clear signal transmission. The stability and repeatability of the extrusion process are necessary to limit within tight tolerances the variations of capacity, eccentricity and diameter. All the extrusion lines are equipped with measuring devices integrated in the control line system to monitor in real time all the process values and cable parameters, in particular concentricity, capacity and cable diameter values.

The self-centering crosshead with fine tuning device allows perfect concentricity and then constant electrical properties of the final product.
The wire drawing machine tandemized with the extrusion group complete with annealer and pre-heater and the final automatic dual take-up ensure constant high line speed.
The extrusion of high performance LAN cables benefits from the introduction of fluoropolymers and the physical foaming process which allows to get better dielectric and mechanical cable properties.
The fine tuning of all the extrusion parameters is essential for the high quality of the insulation required by telecom and LAN cable.
The following extrusion technologies are summarized for the TELECOM and LAN cable insulation:

  • Single layer solid thermoplastic materia
  • Foam-skin - chemically foamed PE
  • Skin-foam-skin – physically foamed PE
  • Single layer fluoropolymers
  • Foam-skin – physically foamed fluoropolymers

The cooperation of Cerrini with international material partners allowed to earn a wide know-how on the extrusion of fluoropolymers and in particular on the foam-skin technology of fluorocarbon resins physical foaming.

Naturally Cerrini supplies also sheathing lines for the jacketing of TELECOM and LAN insulated cable, from the smaller LAN cable and high speed jacketing line up to the larger TELECOM cable. The lines can be completely customized according to the specific needs of the customers. All thermoplastic materials and halogen free compound can be processed.