Silicone and in particular ceramifying silicone rubber offer excellent properties for the production of fire protection cables. The range of service temperature of these cables is incredibly wide and they ensure long-term durability and high dielectric strength even under extreme conditions. They ensure flame-retardant, low smoke and flame resistant properties, allowing the fire to be confined and avoiding its spread along the cable.

Moreover silicone rubber offers optimal mechanical, chemical and aging agents resistance.
The excellent fire resistant silicone cable properties are achieved through cable curing process: the vulcanization methodologies are various and include salt bath vulcanization, and the latest Infrared curing process.

Important advantages of IR vulcanization are the cleanness of the process, which allows the production of biocompatible cabling in medical equipment and the fast and even cable curing through high performance circular emitters.

The silicone IR vulcanizing process is a relatively clean and cost-effective process which can be tailored according to the customer requirements.
Cerrini boasts a solid know-how in silicone cable line design and in particular in the latest IR vulcanization technology.